Security Policy

Commitment to Healthcare Excellence with Uncompromised Security

Using our technology, customers can identify and verify both medical and pharmacy insurance details in real time. Healthcare organizations could save up to 35% of their bottom line by automating insurance capture workflow with Orbit technology. By partnering with Orbit, healthcare organizations can concentrate on delivering superior patient care, confident that their supply chain operations are fortified and efficient, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient outcomes in a dynamic healthcare landscape. Orbit is committed to the responsible management, use and protection of your personal data. Every process that we design is based on our foundational security principles.

Defense in Depth

We have implemented the Defense in Depth strategy by creating a multi-layered security approach. We strategically placed network firewalls, access controls, and encryption mechanisms at various points across our network and infrastructure. This ensured that even if one layer was breached, there were additional barriers to halt unauthorized access. The result was a comprehensive defense strategy that provided robust protection against a range of potential threats.

Continuous Monitoring

Through advanced monitoring tools, we have established a Continuous Monitoring process. We set up real-time tracking of network activities, system performance, and user behavior. Any unusual patterns or deviations triggered alerts, prompting immediate analysis. This proactive approach allowed us to swiftly identify and respond to emerging threats, thereby maintaining the integrity of our systems and data.

Security by Design

In our product development lifecycle, the company embraced Security by Design principles. During the design and building stages of systems and applications, we incorporated security considerations as a fundamental aspect. This involved conducting thorough threat modeling and risk assessments and integrating security controls from the outset. By adhering to this approach, the company ensured that its solutions were inherently resilient to potential exploits and vulnerabilities.

Risk Assessment and Management

Orbit has adopted a robust Risk Assessment and Management process. The company meticulously evaluated its assets, identified vulnerabilities, and assessed potential threats. By prioritizing risks based on their potential impact and likelihood, Orbit developed and implemented mitigation strategies. This approach allowed the company to proactively address vulnerabilities and dynamically adjust its security measures in response to evolving threat landscapes, ensuring that its security efforts remained aligned with the changing environment.


Data security is paramount in our approach. Encryption measures stand as a stalwart safeguard, diligently shielding sensitive data during its journey and while at rest. This intricate layer of protection ensures that your information remains inaccessible to unauthorized entities, bolstering the integrity and confidentiality of critical data. Data at rest is encrypted using managed keys. This data is stored on entire azure disks, storage accounts or managed databases. Data is transit uses TLS 1.2 minimum.

Authentication and Authorization

Our commitment to security extends to stringent user verification. Through robust authentication mechanisms, we verify user identities with precision, allowing access only to authorized personnel.  Simultaneously, our meticulous authorization controls create digital boundaries, ensuring that resources are accessible only to those with the appropriate permissions. This dual approach provides a secure environment where data remains in trusted hands. All user access are managed through centralized identity management tool and RBAC utilized at each level.

User Awareness Training

A proactive stance against security threats is achieved through knowledge empowerment. Our employees have undergone comprehensive training, enhancing their awareness of potential security risks, best practices, and the intricate art of recognizing social engineering tactics. By equipping our
team with this vital expertise, we bolster our collective ability to safeguard against evolving threats.

Access Control Policy

Our dedication to maintaining a secure environment is evident in our Access Control Policy. This robust framework defines a meticulous set of rules for the provision and oversight of access to systems, data, and resources. Aligned with distinct roles and responsibilities, this policy ensures that access is granted only to those with legitimate need, enhancing the integrity and confidentiality of our systems.

Data Classification Policy

Handling diverse data types requires a methodical approach. Our Data Classification Policy establishes clear guidelines, meticulously categorizing data based on its sensitivity. By recognizing and addressing the unique requirements of various data, we institute measures to handle and protect each type appropriately, fortifying our commitment to information security. Critical data are stored in separate storage accounts.

Data Retention and Destruction Policy

Our responsibility doesn't end with data use. Our Data Retention and Destruction Policy underscores our diligence in adhering to legal and regulatory mandates. Detailed guidelines are meticulously formulated, governing the retention, archiving, and secure disposal of data. Through this disciplined approach, we ensure that data's lifecycle is managed with integrity, compliance, and unwavering security at its core.

Utilizing DevSecOps

At the heart of our operations, we've embraced the transformative approach of DevSecOps. This methodology seamlessly merges development, security, and operations, forging an integrated ecosystem where security is not an afterthought but an integral part of the entire lifecycle. By infusing security from the very inception of a project, we foster a proactive culture that champions protection, resilience, and agility.

Patch Management

At the core of our security strategy lies diligent Patch Management. We recognize that software, operating systems, and applications are susceptible to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors. To thwart such risks, we adhere to a rigorous regimen of regular updates and patches. By promptly addressing known vulnerabilities, we ensure that our digital landscape remains fortified, safeguarding against potential threats. This proactive approach not only minimizes the potential for breaches but also underscores our commitment to maintaining a robust and secure environment for our operations and data.

Incident Response Policy

Our meticulously crafted Incident Response Policy serves as a comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of security breaches. In the unfortunate event of a breach, this policy outlines a well-defined sequence of actions to be undertaken. From the initial detection, through notification procedures and swift containment efforts, to the subsequent thorough investigation, every step is meticulously detailed. Our commitment to restoring normalcy is highlighted by the robust recovery procedures outlined within the policy. This structured approach ensures that our response is not only swift but also effective, minimizing potential damage and orchestrating a seamless return to normal operations. By adhering to this policy, we demonstrate our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our operations, reputation, and the trust our stakeholders place in us.

These principles and policies provide a strong foundation for building a comprehensive and effective security framework within our organization.