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Meet the smarter way to capture, verify, and process insurance

Capture, read, and verify insurance from cards in seconds with no human in loop. Save yourself time, expense, and costly mistakes with our AI-powered Virtual Assistant equivalent technology.
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The Challenge

The traditional insurance card capture and verification method costs you time, money, and mistakes

Insurance Payer identification from cards requires insurance domain expertise
Insurance Payers require claims to be submitted to precise local claim processing jurisdictions
Manual insurance capture methods are prone to human error
OCR solutions can only extract what is printed on cards but cannot articulate the Claim Payer IDs not printed on cards

The Solution

At Orbit Healthcare, we build AI-powered solutions to help healthcare providers spend less time focusing on insurance details and more time helping patients.

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Think beyond OCR

Find out why Orbit technology is setting a new standard for insurance data capture and processing.
Our AI technology can:
For years, office staff at healthcare organizations needed to manually enter insurance data for every patient. Then optical character recognition (OCR) systems allowed some of that work to go digital. Now, we're introducing the next step: artificial intelligence (AI). Using the power of AI and machine learning, your office staff can supercharge their workflows and automate process insurance data faster and more accurately than ever before.

Read insurance cards from more than 20,000 plan types and 4,000 nationwide carriers

Extract the information you need from any type of insurance card

Validate the information extracted from card images

Verify coverage and benefits with the payer in real-time

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Our Results

Our AI instantly identifies:

  • Insurance Type
  • Payer Name
  • Claims PayerID
  • Subscriber ID
  • Group Number
  • Network

Using our technology, you can identify pharmacy insurance details in real time:

  • RXBIN: Bank Identification Number
  • RXPCN: Processor Control Number
  • RXGRP: Group ID Number
Healthcare organizations could save up to 35% of their bottom line by automating processes with Orbit technology.

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Smarter and Revolutionary Insurance Capture is Here

With our AI-powered virtual assistant technology, you can:
Eliminate staff burnout & dependency on staff domain expertise
Prevent potential data issues due to key-in errors
Increase revenue by reducing the claim denials due to bad capture
Improve patient experience with real-time insurance coverage determination