Insurance Card Reader API

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Accurately capturing and verifying insurance information is one of the most critical components of every healthcare provider’s patient intake process. Many providers use a manual entry process or rely on basic optical character recognition (OCR) systems for this crucial step.

Capture Card through AI Powered Rest API/SDK

Image capture made simple using RestAPI/SDK that comes with two different ways of capturing the image. In both methods the file format checker and byte level signature security checks performed for security.
Client side image crop method uses Azure CDN URL that uses the computing power of end user device and runs on client side to capture, crop the target card and renders reduce size and optimized image Server side image crop method offers RestAPI that can take raw image and return optimized image after running thru AI model in back end.

Extract Data from Cards Using RestAPI

Using RestAPI from your application pass the front and back of the insurance card to receive the critical data elements including Subscriber ID, Group ID, Insurance Payer Name, Payer ID from Insurance cards in real time.

Electronic Payer ID Identification

Electronic Payer ID is not available on some Insurance cards. PracticeSquire team curated proprietary payer database and combination of AI classification algorithms identify the Electronic Insurance Payer ID.
This step additional step performed as part of the RestAPI Card OCR request to provide additional information that many OCR solutions cannot provide.

Real Time Eligibility Verification Using RestAPI

After detecting the insurance data elements from card, the same RestAPI can also be used for validating the insurance coverage and benefits in realtime.

Insurance benefit validation RestAPI may also be as stand alone without passign the insurance card images.